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DeFY started way back in 1988 in high school.  It started out as s straight-edge skateboard zine of all things. (Drug Free Youth .... They "e" was just there to make a word) I published a few issues using copy machines like everyone did. But for the newest issue, I wanted to do a color cover. Unfortunately at that time color copies were almost $3.00 a copy! So I had to think of another way of doing it. After a lot of thought I decided that screen printing would be the cheapest option. Unfortunately I had no idea on how to do it. My high school was a "college prep" school so it had very little art education. So I decided to teach myself. On one of my many skate trips to Philly, I went into Pear Arts and Crafts which was next door to Zipperhead! Spent like 3 hours looking and reading all the products. (This was WAY before the internet was useful. Message boards worked quite differently back then)  So eventually I learned the process. Took only a few weeks to get adequate with the process. And like all other copies of the zine... it was a huge failure.  But I didn't care.  I got hooked on screen printing. In college I even tried to take a second major in printmaking, but 2 factors prevented that: 1st: my advisor wouldn't approve the classes or a second major because "Engineering was to difficult to handle" even though I was tops in my classes (except for engineering finance). 2nd: the school didn't have much of  a program. I took 1 class in printmaking and it was only about making copper etchings. the teacher was not going to cover "other techniques". (Glad I found that out after I paid for the class...)

So over the years I continued to do the whole "DIY" printing method for myself and friends. I got to do some very fun projects! One of the best was with the Band "Fifteen" when they came to Philly. We just printed shirts on the floor as they played and set the ink with hair dryers....

I still printed my zine. In 90/91 I made an issue called "Attack of the Love Park Zombies". Boy did I get a lot of flack from that one! Even a bunch of "death threats". It was all about how all the kids there looked the same, rode the same boards and talked the same shit. It was a dark time in skateboarding and I called it out. I think there are still a few people who would like to have a "talk" with me....

Years and years and years went by... I still did the zine.... I still printed shirts.... 

I eventually decided to set up my game and get a press.  And I haven't looked back since.

Every project I get to work on is an adventure.  I LOVE to work with artists to create art pieces or small runs of things. I like to challenge myself by always learning new processes and techniques. Seeing what I can do with it and what I can't.  I like helping out small businesses who can't afford to get thousands of pieces made... I like helping out charities and worthy causes when I can.  I just really like to screen print.

I have done jobs with pieces in the thousands.... I have done jobs with 2 pieces... I have printed t-shirts, packaging materials, boxes, koozies, bandanas, socks, hats, wall paper, stationary, postcards, cavasses, art toys, zines, flyers, posters, underwear, umbrellas, tarps, pennants.. I've printed shirts for bands,. I've printed things to impress girls. I've printed things because they should exist....The list goes on. I love to work "out of the box". I will make a special platen just for 1 job so it will come out great.

I will never become a "big" company. I have no desire to. I love screen printing and I love how I do it. All my work comes from "Word of Mouth" or from someone picking up something I printed.

I have acquired some new equipment to expand my art form with! Please take the new journey with me as I experiment on different things!

Thanks for reading my rant.

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